India attained freedom 75 years ago, but are you still in captivity of judgements? Caged in the opinions of other people on the choices you make? Well, use this day as an excuse to own your style and feel confident about your appearance.

Since our national flag is the symbolic representation of our freedom from the British rule, let's take inspiration from it to help free ourselves from the bondage of others views and stand uptight in choices that give us a sense of comfort.

The first colour we see on our flag is orange, orange denotes courage. Be fearless ladies, don't be hesitant to make bold choices. Just like our Lavie Betula Women's Tote Handbag.

Just how your bold choices make you strong and let you own the spotlight. Betula is durable and one of our bestsellers with variety of colours to choose from, perfect for all the bold fearless ladies out there.

The second colour is white, which signifies peace and subtle choices. Are your choices named as "too simple"? Well, a simple answer to that is grace in a woman is more appreciated than beauty! Just like our Rigel sling bag.

So subtle yet so beautiful. Perfect when you want to dress casual but still stand out from the crowd.

When talking about the national flag who can forget the significance of the Ashoka Chakra in the colour blue. Blue signifies freedom. No matter who you are or what you do, you should feel free to portray your personal style and individuality. Freedom is being you without anyone's permission, just like our Cetan sling bag.

Meet Cetan sling bag, its adjustable sling strap gives you the freedom to carry it either as a hobo bag or like a cross body sling bag, the choice is all yours.

Next green signifies growth. Are you always apologetically ambitious? Ambitious women tend to squirm when asked about work life balance, they are even tagged as an irresponsible wife or mother. Ladies you have worked hard to build that career don't feel sorry about your success. Look at our Ushawu Dome satchel.

Lavie Ushawu handbag is a must-have for all the hustler women out there. Perfect to carry to the office. Enter your workplace in style leaving behind the stress and judgements of the world.

So, this Independence Day, You do You! Give yourself the freedom to own up your choices by gifting yourself and your loved ones a token of love from us.

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