During the past few months, a new pandemic foci of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), has been identified and rapidly increasing at alarming levels.

Suddenly everyone’s life is surrounded with discussions about this pivotal situation and causing panic like never before.
With government and communities at large preparing for the impacts of the disease, it’s time to consider your own preparation as well. We all are advised to follow social distancing and maintain isolation. However, for the some of us not stepping out of the home is an inevitable situation.

Here is a quick checklist of supplies and other items you may want to carry in your handbag to combat the outbreak. Ensure you carry comfortable handbags to stuff these essentials. Also, be mindful that your handbag is sanitized and clean enough to saddle around it

If you are stepping out to run quick errands, carry a light sling bag and fill it with a few important essentials.

  • Carry a bottle of hand sanitizer and keep sanitizing your hands after every surface you touch or come in contact with which can easily fit in any dual compartment sling bag.
  • Carry a pack of tissues, if at all you sneeze and cough, it's imperative to cover your mouth and nose with a tissue and dispose away used tissues immediately after the right way.
  • A mask is one of your best defender. Wear it to cover your nose and mouth whenever you step out.

If you are reporting to office or commuting long distances, you certainly need to carry a few more essentials. Preferably a big tote bag or a backpack to hoard the items to sail you through the entire day.

  • Carry a surface disinfectant to spray and clean surfaces. A small bottle can always be stuffed in your front pockets of a backpack along with hand sanitizers or a soap.
  • Carry healthy solid food items and home-cooked food and eat immunity building food items. A backpack will fit in your essentials along with food items safely in different pockets.
  • Never forget our 2 superheroes- Mask and Sanitizer. Portable and small in size can easily fit in the back-pockets of your handbag.

Ensure to keep your handbag clean as well because it contributes to contamination since it comes in contact with people and surfaces.

You can give the handles of your handbag or backpack a quick wipe down with a damp cloth. On fabrics, a fabric freshening spray is a good idea, however, do not saturate the fabric or it may risk warping the bag or damaging any metalwork.

Use a separate cosmetic pouch, all your make-up knick-knacks are major culprits of contamination since it comes in contact with your face. Keep a make-up pouch in your big handbag to separate it with other items.

With all the guided measures, we all will be able to sail through this outbreak effectively and COVID-19 will soon be a discussion of the past. Please hear out the experts and maintain hygiene.

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Stay Safe!