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Cookie Policy

This Cookie Policy puts forward our policy in context to information that is accumulated from the users of and/or visitors to lavieworld or other services on which this Cookie Policy is posted (each such website, individually and collectively, the “Website”) through cookies, local shared objects and other mechanisms mentioned.

Please also refer to our Privacy Policy. Our Privacy Notice describes our policy with respect to the use, collection, transfer, storage and disclosure of information typically that is accumulated from users of and/or visitors to the Website.


This Website utilizes its own and third party cookies to enhance the service delivered by the Website and to showcase more individualized and suitable advertising to you by inspecting your browsing habits. BY CLICKING ON THE COOKIE BANNER THAT APPEARED WHEN YOU FIRST VISITED THE WEBSITE YOU AGREE TO THE USAGE OF COOKIES AND TECHNOLOGIES, WITH REGARDS TO YOUR CURRENT COOKIE SETTINGS AND OUR PRIVACY NOTICE AND THIS COOKIE POLICY.

Like many companies, we utilise cookies and other related technologies (such as pixels, beacons, tags, and Adobe Flash technologies) to gather, stock and trace information about your Website usage.

What are cookies, local shared objects and pixel tags?

A cookie is a mini data file that is laid on your web browser, or your device or computer, when you access and/or use a website, which stocks text that can later be read back by our Web server or third parties to trace your activities on the Website and across other websites. Cookies are used to identify your browser, and may enable us to identify you as the same user who was at our Website in the past, and link your use of the Website to other information about you, such as your Website usage information or personal information accumulated through other means. Cookies may be “session” cookies (i.e., last only for one browser session) or “persistent” cookies (i.e., continue in your browser until they lapse or are agreeably deleted).

Local Shared Objects (e.g., Flash Cookies)

A local shared object is alike to a cookie, except it is stocked on your mobile device or computer, instead of your browser, using a media player or other software installed on your computer or device. A local shared object can stock more than just text. Like cookies, it is also used to identify you as the same user who was at the Website in the past, and link your use of the Website to other information about you, such as your Website usage information or personal information accumulated through other means. It allows the Website to access and use the information accumulated to enhance and enable certain Website experiences, processes and functionalities.

Web Beacons And Other Tags

Web beacons (also known as “clear GIFs” or “pixel tags”) are generally little, one-pixel images that are implanted on a page of a Website or in electronic communications, such as an email message. These technologies help to check when a particular page (or area) of a Website is viewed, when links or other content are clicked or viewed and when a message is opened.

What do we use these technologies for?

We use these technologies for the following reasons:

1. Necessity

We use these technologies in a way that is a necessity for us to offer you a service or feature that you have asked for. For example, we may use cookies to recall when you return to the Website, and to regulate where to forward your Website traffic to efficiently allocate the workload across innumerable computers. We may also use them to recall the contents in your shopping cart.

2. Performance/Analytics

We use these technologies to observe and inspect how you use the Website and emails. For example, we may place cookies that permit us (i) to calculate the time of your requests to the servers and our reply, (ii) to test new attributions, (iii) to document statistics about Website usage, (iv) to trace your activities on the Website and emails, and (v) to trace the destination from which you land to the Website.

3. Social Media

The Website contains amalgamations with social media platforms (including, for example, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram), which enables those platforms to place cookies, tags and local shared objects on your browser, computer or device. You may be able to change the settings in your accounts on social media platforms to control some of the targeted content you may see on those sites.

4. Tracking Lead Conversions

We use these technologies to trace when you have made a purchase by following a link to the Website from a different online location, so that we can reimburse the other party for sending us your business.

5. Advertising

We use these technologies for us and other companies to deliver targeted advertisements to you, both on the Website and other places online. By using these technologies, we aim to better target these advertisements to your interests based on your activities online. This is called online behavioural or interest-based advertising.

We also maintain relationships with several social networks and technology companies, currently Facebook, Google and Instagram. These companies have specific Interest-Based Ads programs that match people who have shown interest in Lavie through the Websites, stores or other services with their profiles on their platforms and properties. If we participate in these programs, we convert your personal information (via hashing, encryption or other similar mechanisms) into a unique, non-personally identifiable value that cannot be re-identified and which can then be tallied by the associate company with a user on their platform. This matching allows us to deliver more relevant, interest-based ads to users of those other companies’ platforms.

Does anybody else use these technologies on your Services?

Most of the cookies and other technologies mentioned above on the Website are set by us (aka first party cookies) or are used in association with the Website and set by third-party service providers at our guidance and on our behalf.

You herewith agree that cookies, local shared objects and other mechanisms placed by the Website may broadcast accumulated information to these third parties for the motives set forth above, and those parties may report information back to us.

Last Updated: 20.11.19