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our mission

our mission

With every product you purchase Lavie will pledge 10% of its profits to LAVIE CARES, an initiative that works towards improving education for women.

Lavie Cares

Lavie was established in 2010 with the belief that business could be a force for good.

We have done things differently, broken the mould, been sensitive and respectful. LAVIE CARES is our commitment to creating a better world for women through enhanced education. We work towards empowering women so they can fulfil their dreams.

how it happens


Each time a product is purchased Lavie contributes from its sale to LAVIE CARES to help women in need.


Our LAVIE CARES team collaborates with various partners to plan how their work can gain momentum.


LAVIE CARES supports the partners financially, through local employment, logistical support and more.


Our giving partners provide services, support sustainable and responsible programs.

how it works

step: 01 Make a match

Our LAVIE CARES team works to find the right partners that can effectively provide education facilities for women.

step: 02 Design the program

We work with our partners to design a program that will create measurable and lifelong impact not just in the lives of women but the entire community.

step: 03 Pick up the tab

Giving shouldn’t come with hidden costs, so we help cover expenses to implement and improve these programs.

step: 04 Review & improve

Giving shouldn’t come with hidden costs, so we help cover expenses to implement and improve these programs.

step: 05 Repeat

We’re committed to giving responsibly and sustainably. We continue to work with our partners to provide new solutions and aiding them with required implementations.

what we give

what we give

Primary Education is the fundamental step that makes an individual capable and creative. Higher Education enables women to join the formal economy and pursue careers that empower them to lead independent lives.


LAVIE CARES has helped in building Bhonsala Military Academy for girls in Nasik. The academy started in 2016 and has a student capacity of 300. It also offers residential education from the 6th to 10th standard. This academy not only gives basic education like other schools but also specializes in activities such as physical training, rifle shooting, gymnastics, horse riding, etc.

LAVIE CARES aims to improve the quality of overall education and hence stared the scholarship program for secondary students in 2019. Currently we are sponsoring 30 girls annually from the 6th to 10th standard.


LAVIE CARES has established Bhonsala Military institute for nursing in Nasik in 2018. The institute is for young women who aspire to become professional nurses.

LAVIE CARES has also been running a scholarship program for higher education since 2013. Till date we have provided scholarships to over 200 girls through this program. LAVIE CARES has successfully covered various fields such as Engineering, MBBS, Chartered Accountancy, Electronics telecommunication, Pharmacy, Teacher’s training, Banking, Paramedics, Dentistry, etc. Recently one of our scholarship students has completed her MBBS and she is now the first qualified Doctor through the LAVIE CARES program. Other girls have secured jobs at prime companies such as like Tata Consultancy Services, General Electric, Amazon, etc.


Our targets are a clear manifestation of who we are and what we stand for, as we take the first step towards achieving our aim of making Lavie a truly women-first business. These targets will drive our performance in key areas and our overall progress towards the ultimate aim of creating a better world for women.

Women in Action

Train and educate 1000 women in academy that focusses on rigorous physical training, rifle shooting, horse riding, gymnastics and more.

Educate Our Children

Uplifts 500 rural schools to ensure the girl child receives equal opportunity and education without suffering from sanitary and nutritional needs.

Women in Technical Fields

Help 500 women become highly qualified professionals with technical in engineering, law, medicine, chartered accountancy, etc.

Enrich Our Planet

Plant 100,00 fruit trees in neighbouring communities to improve nutrition and the overall environement.

Women in Medicine

Uplifts 500 rural schools to ensure the girl child receives equal opportunity and education without suffering from sanitary and nutritional needs.

Invest 10,000 hours

Use our management and know-how to design and deliver effective and sustainable solutions.

Help 2,500 economically vulnerable girls access education

Employee 1000 women direct & indirectly

Reduce environment footprint by 50%

our journey

our journey

Our history of doing what’s right


Scholarship program for higher education


Bhonsala military academy for girls


Bhonsala nursing college for women

LAVIE HAS HELPED EDucate 2000 womens in need


A strong woman with a compassionate heart, Ms. Shobha Tainwala is the Founder and Chief Giver at Lavie, and the person behind the idea of LAVIE CARES. Much more than a business model, LAVIE CARES is a commitment to help women in need. LAVIE CARES’ humble beginning was in 2010.

While in Igatpuri, Ms. Tainwala witnessed the hardships faced by girls, growing up at a constant disadvantage to their brothers. Her solution to the problem was simple, yet revolutionary; to create a for-profit business that was sustainable and not reliant on donations. Ms. Tainwala’s vision soon turned into the simple business idea that provides the powerful foundation for LAVIE CARES.

In its first five years, Lavie was successful in providing for young girls in need. But Ms.Tainwala, having recognized other vital needs during her travels in rural India, realized that LAVIE CARES could be applied to more than children’s education; she wanted to help uplift and improve the lives of all women. She ideated that for every product purchased, Lavie would pledge 10% of its profits to help women in need.

In 2018, Ms. Tainwala released details of her journey, sharing her own amazing story of inspiration, and the power of incorporating ‘giving’ in business. She references other companies and individuals who are motivated and inspired to integrate philanthropy into their professional, as well as personal lives.

thoughtful partnerships

thoughtful partnerships

At Lavie, we understand that strong partnership are key. Here are some of the qualities we look for in our Giving Partners


They must work with communities to address their needs in a way that will enable the community to meet its own needs in the future.


They should invest significant time and resources in helping communities build a sustainable future.


They must be responsible and reputed institutions that have a track record of creating a positive impact.

Economically Considerate

They must be considerate of the local economies in locations where Lavie contributes.


They must have the capacity to effectively administer the program.

If you are interested in knowing more about LAVIE CARES or have any questions

please get in touch.